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Discutii sportive - conversatie in engleza


MICHAEL: Have you been to the game?
TOM: Yes, Iíve been. I enjoyed it. Who were your favourites?
M: Manchester, even though they lost the game. What about you?
T: I sided with Barcelona. I even bet on them. Anyway, they were the favourites to win.
M: I cannot possibly understand why Manchester played so bad. Their defence was lame. They committed many faults and did not cover their entire field.
T: Indeed, and the Spaniards knew how to benefit of their weak points, in the offensive and in the middle field.
M: I checked the statistics after the game...
T: Yes, the total number of passes that Barcelona made was more than double Manchester United's. Barca had 70% of overall ball possession.

M: It is obvious that Guardiola had carrefully planned the match.
T: Yes, I was really surprised to see that; I was expecting Sir Alex Ferguson to make it even, after his defeat from two years ago.
M: Yes, Ferguson is highly experienced, but this time he didnít succeed.
M: Besides this, it was a fairplay. Only 2 yellow cards were given.
T: What about Messi? How do you find him? I think heís better than Maradona.
M: I agree.
T: Do you think that he will stay any longer at Barcelona or he will transfer to another team?
M: I donít believe that Barcelonaís bosses will allow this.
T: I share the same opinion. Shall we have another beer?
M: Of course.

MICHAEL: Ai fost la meci?
TOM: Da, am fost. Mi-a placut mult. Cu cine ai tinut?
M: Eu, cu Manchester, chiar daca au luat bataie. Dar tu?
T: Eu am fost de partea celor de la Barcelona. Am si pariat pe ei. Oricum, erau favoriti ...
M: Nu stiu de ce cei de la Manchester au jucat asa prost. Apararea lor a lasat de dorit. Au faultat mult si au lasat multe spatii.
T: Da, iar spaniolii au stiut sa profite de punctele lor slabe, din atac si de la mijloc.
M: M-am uitat la statisticile de la sfarsitului meciului...
T: Da, spaniolii au pasat de doua ori mai mult. Si posesia mingii a fost de 70% in favoarea lor.

M: Se vede ca Guardiola a pregatit meciul cu atentie.
T: Da, chiar am fost surprins de asta; ma asteptam ca Sir Alex Ferguson sa isi ia revansa, dupa ce a fost invins si acu doi ani.
M: Da, Ferguson are experienta, dar de data asta nu i-a iesit...
M: Pe langa asta, a fost un meci cinstit. Nu s-au dat decat 2 cartonase galbene.
T: Dar Messi cum ti s-a parut? Eu cred ca e mai bun decat Maradona.
M: Da, si eu.
T: Crezi ca mai ramane la Barcelona sau pleaca la alta echipa?
M: Nu cred ca il vor lasa sefii Barcei...
T: Si eu cred la fel. Mai luam o bere?
T: Sigur.


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